You're going to regret this one day.
Keeping myself sane in a world of university, working, and the men and women that fill my days. (The shortness of life) de brevitate vitae, I want as much as I can get.
*Decorate my space

*Decorate my space


mostly nature
The Girl
City and Colour


If you were to leave
Fulfill someone else’s dreams
I think I might totally be lost

"It makes me feel pretty nifty that you’re putting that stuff in public. It makes me feel like you’re proud of having me. And that makes me feel pretty goddamn good that someone as spectacular as you has let me get close to your heart. It also makes me remember almost every smooth curve of your beautiful body under my hands. Makes me feel you wrapped around me face to face and feel the buck of your hip—makes me become absorbed by the humming in my chest.

I am so so very stoked to have you wrapped around me and whispering to me about your day in my ear. Could I maybe wake up to your sweet face?
I don’t know what stroke of fate lucked me into being in the crosshairs of your affections but it was a lucky one.

You are wonderful. We are great. I’d be a tremendous fool not to give us a proper shot.

I don’t know what the future is gonna hold and I look forward to playing things by ear…together. You are my woman and there is no one who satisfies me, body, mind, and soul, like you do.

I really just want a sweet feeshy lady at my side. And also some nuzzles. And a solid dance partner. And a smile that makes my heart beat faster wouldn’t hurt. Just about everyone has their woman, I want mine.”

- Things I want closer to the surface of my recollection.


Norway; 2014 | by Atle Rønningen
Wish someone would fucking love me

Wish someone would fucking love me


Welcome to San Francisco…..


Highway 570, Alberta


Highway 570, Alberta

Game of Thrones inspiredRhodonite Choker ($57)Handmade Jewelery and accessories from:The Om Shop Cambodia

Game of Thrones inspired
Rhodonite Choker ($57)

Handmade Jewelery and accessories from:
The Om Shop Cambodia

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a fan of my bar.

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